The Fairplay Promise and Playing Rules

GFC asks all players and supporters to abide by the NFF's 'Fairplay Promise':


Good sport is about positive attitude. Play your part - play fair. To the best of their ability each Player will:- Play by the rules.- Never argue with an official.- Work hard to do my best at all times.- Turn up to practice- Be a good sport and recognise good players and good plays be all involved- Remember to thank my coach, the officials, the opposition and supporters.- Help others in my team when I can.- Avoid putting people down or bullying them.- Give it heaps and don't get ugly.


Good sport is about positive attitude. You can set the right tone and help make the game a success. Play your part - play fair. To the best of their ability each Supporter will:- Respect that people are involved in sport for fun and enjoyment.- Support good play and applaud good performance from all competitors.- Attempt to understand the rules of the game.- Learn the difference between supportive and abusive comments and rule out the latter.- Accept the decisions of officials and coaches.- Display self-control on the sideline. Always be positive. Never shout at or ridicule players.- Show their appreciation to people who volunteer their team to make sport happen.- Remember that we are all capable of making mistakes.- Give it heaps and don't get ugly.

Please find attached below a copy of the latest US1 Midget, Junior and Youth Playing Regulations (updated April 2011).

The Whole of Football Plan

This is a pilot scheme being introduced nationwide by NZ Football during 2011 as part of their strategy to develop the game of football throughout New Zealand.  As a result of this, you may notice some minor changes to the format of our Saturday games. 

Please see below for a copy of the World of Football Plan which hopefully answers any questions you may have.

Please see the following documents from NZF about how the pilot scheme is going which includes Frequently Asked Questions for Parents.

2012 Laws of the Game

Please see below for a copy of the 2012 memo on the changes to the Laws of the Game that will apply to all grades and competitions this year. 

The NFF Junior Framework & Youth Playing Regulations have been updated to incorporate the new Junior Framework parameters that have been introduced as part of the Whole of Football initiative.  The key changes to the Playing Regulations have been highlighted in yellow.

A copy of the Regulations are attached and are also available on the NFF website in the Competitions Info section.

Also attached is the Junior Framework Formats sheet (May 2012).